Snow and Ice Risk Management
We believe that flexibility is the key to snow and ice risk management. Winter storms along the Jersey Shore are unpredictable and greatly influenced by the moisture and temperature of the Ocean.

power_linesNor’easter snowstorms are the typical type of winter storm we experience here in Ocean & Monmouth counties. High winds cause trees & power lines to snap creating very hazardous conditions for our plow and shovel crews. Nor’easter precipitation is often shifting from snow, to sleet, to freezing rain, and then back to snow, resulting in many changes of battle strategy.

The winter of 2013/2014 demonstrated those Canadian “clipper” storms can also be a major headache. Clippers typically usher in very low arctic temperatures often into the low teens with fine powdery snow easily blown back onto cleared surfaces. To battle these conditions, our team of snow and ice professionals keep a constant eye on the weather. We utilize the experts at WeatherWorks, a weather service staffed with expert meteorologists, to provide us with the most accurate and up to the minute forecasts and local conditions. Long range forecasts provide us with insight to ensure we have adequate resources on hand to manage whatever Old Man Winter has planned.

Every storm is different as it approaches, and our Command Post will be activated, remain flexible, and make adjustments as needed to our storm plan.

Snow Plowing


We use a fleet of modern, well maintained plow trucks and loaders to clear lots and roadways. The equipment used varies based on site size and requirements. We have short bed pickups with plows for the tight spaces where size could cause problems. On the larger sites we use a combination of larger plow trucks and loaders. No matter what size your parking lot is we have the equipment to clear it and keep everyone safe.
Walkway Clearing
We have a dedicated team of sidewalk crews, using snow blowers, shovels, sweepers, and ice melt products to clear snow and ice from any size walk.
Great Oak Winter Services uses a combination of liquid and granular ice melt products. Our liquids program uses Brine as an effective anti-icing product. Our state of the art computer controlled Brine maker allows us to enhance the mix with additives such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or Calcium Magnesium Acetate based upon current weather conditions. Granular products are used primarily for de-icing. During the winter months we maintain a bulk storage facility for both liquid and granular products to ensure a steady supply.
Snow Relocation/Hauling
This service is usually required if we are hit with heavy snow totals from a storm or multiple storms close together. We are experts at stacking snow and opening up parking lots. Rarely is hauling snow required in our service area.